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"ThinkFX has been a great partner; we are now on a transformational path having moved from a regional to a national audience."

-David Smith, CEO, Bromwich and Smith

"You brought us back from the abyss and we are now operating on a much healthier level. Staff are now more willing to empathize and support one-another and recognize that we all bring something of worth to the table."

-Executive Director, Alberta Health Service Organization

“Their leadership and project management was one of the primary reasons for the successful implementation of a program to assist Aboriginal communities across Canada in the management of close to 200 billion dollars of trust assets.”                 

 -Wyatt Arcand, Chairman, NATOA

“…it has been excellent working with them and a definite recommendation to anyone looking for tangible results and professionalism.”                      

-Domenic Natale, Vice President, TD Bank

-Domenic Natale, Vice President, TD Bank

“Early in our business existence I was uncertain about the many strategic directions we were taking in regards to our products and partnerships. They provided the wisdom to focus our efforts and formalize our approach through consultation and a comprehensive, actionable plan. They left an indelible mark on our company"

-Guy Duke, CEO, GranDuke Geomatics