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When it comes to great training, we all know that it is a process and not an event. If you are looking for a training solution, chances are we have the right option for you. Using a learn-apply-reflect-amend approach, we have multiple methods of delivery to suit your needs. We can deliver in-person, video conference, all at once, or spread over multiple days or even months to suit your schedule. Choose the session that is right for you, or let's discuss what you are trying to accomplish and we can co-create a comprehensive combination of pre-work, live video, in person, homework, coaching and more. From a one-hour refresher, half-day, full-day or multiple days, let us show you how to get results with your team. Email  or call to discuss the option that is right for you.

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Performance Brain

Our first session in "The Bio-Psycho-Social Leader Series©," let us introduce you to the theory and practical tools that form the basis of almost all leadership, behaviour and performance excellence. We start with an individual behaviour style assessment and move into two neuroscience-based models that describe the "why" we do what we do allowing us to figure out the "what" we should be doing. 

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Productive Conflict

We are all wired to avoid conflict and respond differently dependent on our behavioural preferences. Conflict isn't the problem, the problem is how we often mishandle it. Working through productive conflict is the cornerstone of high-performance and success as it allows for all possibilities to be explored. If you don't allow others to express their views or aren't comfortable expressing your views, it becomes a pot that is ready to boil over. 

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Change is a Bully

Working through change may be the single biggest challenge to performance there is. Understand how our habit centres hard-wire change resistance and how to respond. Oftentimes, we don't even know we are resisting and rationalize our behaviour in order to avoid the difficulty. Learn the behavioural foundations in addition to change frameworks.

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How do the most successful individuals, teams and organizations achieve success? They keep going when things are tough. Understand how to become more resilient, what to avoid and practical tools to maximize this emotional intelligence foundation.

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Tough Conversations

We know confronting conflict is vital for the best results, but once you have mustered the courage, what techniques can you use to manage the conversations? Build from foundational communication techniques into specific activities that will allow you to give that performance conversation, hold someone accountable, or even challenge authority in a way that is productive and contributes to positive results.

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Getting things done has a lot to do with the ability to measure progress and intervene if results are not achieved. Learn why accountability is so difficult and what can happen in it's absence. 

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Opinions on what good leadership is are far and wide, but there is significant research that tells us explicitly what we need to do to mobilize people for results. Learn foundational leadership theory and techniques and define what kind of leader you are to maximize you and your team's potential.

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Coaching isn't telling, Coaching isn't teaching. Coaching is a specific skill in which you support self-realization of an individual though asking the right questions. Why coaching? We can tell some one our version of what or how to do something until we are blue in the face, but when an individual figures it out on their own the results are lasting.

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Have you ever thought about how you make decision? Do you deliberate? Do you go with the first reasonable idea that pops into your head? The fact is that we don't like uncertainly  and our brain prefers we conserve energy so we jump to reconcile with early decisions when they may not be the best.. Learn how to challenge your self and others for high-performance thinking that can transform your performance. 

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What is strategy? A strategic business plan? strategic financials? Strategic marketing? This overused word in organizations is mostly misunderstood and over-complicated. Learn strategy formation frameworks that can be used in virtually any circumstance.

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When it comes to motivation, leave everything at the door walking in because chances are much of it is wrong.  It is easy to have short bursts of motivation, be inspired for a short time, but what is at the core of motivation? Learn  the subtle differences in motivations of different behaviour styles,  bit also universal truths of motivation when it comes to getting the most out of individuals and teams.

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Leading Teams

If effective teams are so essential then why are so many struggling? Learn the behavioural foundations of great teams performance that builds on a foundation of self-awareness, courage, and accountability. 

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Trust for Performance

Organizations are all about relationships and influence and trust comes first. Trust is soft, right? You either trust someone or you don't; not true. In order to have trust you need to be trustworthy and there are specific methodologies for that allow for trust to be built in an authentic way that increased speed, decreases cost and rips the lid off of high performance potential.

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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence (EI) sound fluffy to you? Take heed to emotional intelligence research that tells us 90% of all top performers have high EI, EI accounts for 58% of all job performance and people with high EI make $29,000 more annually than their low EI counterparts.

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Organization Development

Throw a bunch of people together with job descriptions, tasks and an organizational reporting chart and your work has barely just begun. organization Development is the strategic marriage of leadership, structure, culture, strategy and more.

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Creative Brain

It is true that some people are naturally creative, but did you know creativity can be practiced and grown? Learn about the three-thirds of thinking, our biological tendencies that keep us from being creative and frameworks to increase our creative intelligence (CI)

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Consulting Foundations

Whether you are external or internal to an organization, consulting is considerably more than sharing your industry knowledge or the things that earned you your degree. Learn basic consulting frameworks and tools to objectively tackle the toughest assignments.

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Effective Listening

Did you know there are different listening styles that work best in different situations? Ate you a one-trick pony that only listens in the way you prefer and limiting your potential? Learn the different listening styles, which one you rely on most and ho to apply them differently  for best results. Listening to hear and understand and not just to respond.

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