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When it comes to great training, we all know that it is a process and not an event. If you are looking for a training solution, chances are we have the right option for you. Using a learn-apply-reflect-amend approach, we have multiple methods of delivery to suit your needs. We can deliver in-person, video conference, all at once, or spread over multiple days or even months to suit your schedule. Choose the session that is right for you, or let's discuss what you are trying to accomplish and we can co-create a comprehensive combination of pre-work, live video, in person, homework, coaching and more. From a one-hour refresher, half-day, full-day or multiple days, let us show you how to get results with your team. Email  or call to discuss the option that is right for you.


Bio-Psycho-Social Leadership

The BPS Leadership Program© is the ThinkFX signature leadership training series that consists of 14 foundational leadership topics with strong foundations from neuroscience and psychology. From front-line supervisors to executive leaders in any industry, BPS core modules are customized to meet the needs of your organization. Choose all 14 and schedule sessions in convenient monthly intervals or  hand-pick combinations that meet your business needs. Contact us to discuss options for a 2/3 grant subsidy and which sessions may be right for you.

Team Talk

Project Management (coming soon)


Value Stream Mapping

Ideal for a data-driven true understanding of where your business is at and what processes are required for optimal performance. Value-Stream-Mapping  (VSM) utilizes lean-six-sigma principles that engage the team through understanding of basic operational efficiency, data collection, identification of current state and detailed mapping of process on how to get to desired future state. The process focuses on an evidence-based emphasis on the  elimination of waste and examines the identification of Customer Value Add (CVA), Business Non Value Add (BNVA) and Non Value Add (NVA) activities in order to map ideal process.