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When it comes to great training, we all know that it is a process and not an event. If you are looking for a training solution, chances are we have the right option for you.  Research tells us, training on its own is seldom effective. Using a learn-apply-reflect-amend approach, we have multiple methods of delivery to suit your needs. We can deliver in-person, video conference, all at once, or spread over multiple days or even months to suit your schedule. Choose the session that is right for you, or let's discuss what you are trying to accomplish and we can co-create a comprehensive combination of pre-work, live video, in person, homework, coaching and more. From a one-hour refresher, half-day, full-day or multiple days, let us show you how to get results with your team. Email  or call to discuss the option that is right for you.

Lean Six Sigma

Introductory sessions for the entire team, to project implementation and green/black belt certification.

Project Managment

From introductory sessions for the entire team all the way to preparation for certification and implementation of best practices of project management.

Synaptic Leadership

Leverage your style and strengths to lead and influence on an individual and  one-to-many basis.


Foundations of strategy, human resources, finance, information systems, human resource and marketing for new supervisors and existing managers.


Build the team through deliberate training that suits the organization that includes follow up and implementation.

Board Governance

From governance basics to managing boards to amending structure.