Organization Development

Most times we already have structure in place; it's not like we reinvent from scratch each time, but sometimes maybe we should? We get so busy responding to the daily fires that we don't often consider that the primary catalyst to performance is having a good system in place. Whether it's a tweak or an overhaul to move to the top of your industry or respond to urgent gaps, we can help you assess improvement opportunities and help you put a plan in place.

1. Plan
Determine what you want to accomplish and your current state. Determine metrics to measure progress and how you know when you get there.

2. Structure
You know what you want to achieve, but what is the best use of resources and process to get there?

3. Culture
Setting the stage for expectation for maximized staff satisfaction and productivity is deliberate and different cultures better support different structures.

4. Competence
Defining technical, business and behavioural expectation for competence is critical in ensuring appropriate resourcing for greater productivity and employee satisfaction.