Strategy and Planning Facilitation

We are hard-wired to be biased and advocate for our own self-interest, often without knowing. Utilizing data and the power of an unbiased external facilitator, we ensure data informs decisions and the focus is on the system rather than the individual to craft great strategy.


Design Consultation

Includes pre consultation to customize approach based on budget, resources and objectives.



Save precious time and momentum having participants pre-read, or complete questionnaires in advance.


Culture/Behavioural Review

Preview team sensitivities and address elephants in the way of progress and shift accordingly. Interaction for increased comfort, candor and safety. Review data, barriers and opportunities to consider and have available to frame discussions.


Graphic Summary, Notes and Interpretive Report

Summary of results with consideration for various stakeholder audiences and communication.


Shared Ownership and Accountability

Individual participant commitments to bring the message to life with initial timelines and commitment to follow-up and integration.


Change/Engagement Implementation Supports

Half of the battle is getting direction on paper and the other half is engagement and implementation to ensure the vision and strategy lives and is well understood.

Why it Works

Common Understanding

Collective decisions and good dialogue can't occur if groups aren't starting from the same place. We follow a framework which creates understanding and agreement of principles, then component parts, and finally, navigating into a shared understanding of the complexity required to craft great strategy.

Robust Process

Using a cascading approach, we map principles at a high level through to sample tactical execution. This clear mapping creates an easy-to-understand line of sight and graphic representation of the strategy that is expanded upon in support documentation that considers different messaging for different stakeholders.

Deliberate Implementation

To avoid one of the greatest pitfalls of strategy creation, considerations for communication, engagement and integration of the message to saturate, inspire and align the team to action occurs through the process. This includes consideration for immediate next steps, actions and accountabilities to take the message and ensure it lives in the organization.