Synapses connect neurons in the brain to neurons in the rest of the body which elicit a response. Unfortunately, science also suggests that were are mostly unknowing controlled by default settings hard-wired into our biology to enable our survival which don't always align with our stated intentions. Our brains and biology create an internal "smokescreen" and distortion of reality in anyway possible in order to keep us from harm and they have no problem being overprotective. Unfortunately that overprotection comes at the cost of accomplishing  what we truly want. With almost 150 internally wired biases to distort our reality that lead to

"As part of that neural public relations team we have 150 employees working feverishly in our head called the Cognitive Bias Team; the approximate number of cognitive biases we carry to support internal distortions." 

counterproductive performance behaviours, it is no wonder it is so hard to accomplish what we really want when it seems like it could be right in front of us. Leadership and performance starts with ourselves which can then meaningfully extend to others.  The Synaptic Leadership and Performance Program distills neuropsychology and evolutionary psychology to a practical understanding of human behaviour that forms the foundation for why we do what we do. The program consists of 5 core education modules with practical applications and tools delivered over 5 months that includes supplemental one-on-one coaching. We know that 75% of what is learned in training is typically lost in about a week so leveraging a "Learn-apply-reflect-amend" design, the program is built for behaviour change and application that creates tremendous impact. For more information on program options and detail contact us

*Synaptic Leadership and Performance Program is eligible for a grant for 2/3 of the cost through the Canada Alberta Job Grant for more information CLICK HERE

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Module 1:
Deep Aware: Foundations of Leadership and Performance

If the research is true that 95% of us think we are self-aware but only 10-15% actually are we have an opportunity here. With approximately 150 internal cognitive biases distorting our reality it's easy to understand how difficult self awareness actually is. The problem is that self awareness is directly linked to literally dozens of benefits including prosperity, happiness intelligence and performance; while some suggest it is the next stage of human evolution and long-term survival  of the species. This module dives deep into the need for self-awareness, self-assessing our own awareness and tools for improvement.

Module 2:
Neuro-Leadership: The Neuroscience and Psychology of Performance
Borrowing pages from neuropsychology, evolutionary psychology and more, this module names why we do what we do. When we first recognize what lies under the surface,  we can apply tools to leverage our understanding and build habits and practices for high performance in ourselves and for others. Identify and learn how to combat how the brain regions that deploy our fear and habit responses and shape almost everything we do and how we get tricked into behaviours that don't support our stated intentions.

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Module 3:
Contemplative Practice: The Science and Spirit of Mindfulness and Brain Training

If we are talking neuroscience and performance, neuroplasticity and mindfulness fit hand and glove. Numerous studies have shown that the physical structures of the brain can be strengthened and reinforced through specific habitual practice known better as mindfulness. This session explores the origins of mindfulness practice and the science and practice of training your brain to support your intentions. Participants will have access to a personal brain wave monitoring device know as an EEG (electro encephalogram) to measure and practice increasing "gamma" waves that are equated to improved mindfulness.  

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Module 4:
Leader Apply: Constructing the Leadership of You

Leadership has a lot to do with understanding people which starts with understanding yourself. Modules 1-3 build a foundation for greater awareness of self and others and this module introduces leadership style and examples to start to build a deliberate leadership approach that suits your style. Learn foundational leadership research and participate in problem solving that highlights your strengths to practice application. 

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Module 5:
Team Apply: Constructing the Leadership of Team
Sessions 1-4 focus heavily on performance of self where session 5 considers organization application and implications of day-today challenges. Considerations include a behavioural lens as it applies to organization culture, team development, trust, conflict, motivation, change,  and more.