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Let's be honest, training on its own does very little to create the behaviour change required for real improvement; learning and behaviour change is a process. That's why all training is founded on a "learn-apply-reflect-amend" content design method based on the science of human learning and behaviour. There is no check-box training and nothing out of the can or off the shelf here. We customize each session to meet the needs of the organization whether it be delivery times and duration, or content to advance your priorities. 

We have multiple methods of delivery to suit your needs.  From a one-hour refresher, half-day, full-day or multiple days, let us show you how to get results with your team. Email  or call to discuss the option that is right for you.

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Synaptic  Performance and Leadership
Our signature performance program forms the core of business, personal and organization performance. A series of five training topics with supplemental individual coaching that supports lasting behaviour change. Based on research in neuropsychology and behavioral science applied to career and organization settings, the 5 core modules include 1. Deep Aware: Foundations of Leadership and Performance; 2.Neuro-Leadership: The Neuroscience and Psychology of Human Performance; 3. Contemplative Practice: The Science and Spirit of Mindfulness and Brain Training 4. Leader Apply: Constructing the Leadership of You 5. Team Apply: Constructing the Leadership of Team.

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On-Demand Training
Have a  topic in particular you are interested in? With content for dozens of topics delivered hundreds of times we likely have a solution for you. Conflict, change, motivation, emotional intelligence, strategy, time management, coaching, culture and more. Contact us for a free needs assessment and custom proposal designed to maximize your training budget. 

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